Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Joy ... My Grandchildren!

With grandchildren in WA and WV you can see why having a
location-independent coaching business is a priority to me!

Wishing you Joy, Peace, and Prosperity in 2009!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...

My thanks to Bea Fields, a fantastic coach friend of mine, for reminding me of this...
I love it and wanted to share it with all of you!

"To the Editor of The Sun:

I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus.
Papa says, "If you see it in The Sun, it's so." Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?"
Virginia O'Hanlon


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Give the Gift of Acknowledgment This Holiday Season

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." ~ William Arthur Ward

One item on my list of tasks today was to call my health insurance office. What a pleasant surprise when my favorite person in that office answered the phone!

After asking her a question and receiving a succinct answer, I felt as though I wanted to share the gratitude I was feeling for all she has done for me in challenging times over the years. I acknowledged her for not only being efficient and helpful in every situation, but being extremely compassionate in helping me resolve some issues.

When I shared my feelings, she expressed that what I said brought tears to her eyes. She said it was a perfect time for her to hear these positive words as this could be a challenging and emotional work day.

I let her know that I would not only fax the form I needed to send her, but would also write down my thoughts and fax them to her as well. Knowing that I made her day more joyful with acknowledgment of her as an empathetic and efficient person brought so much positive energy into my heart.

Are there wonderful thoughts you are having that you haven't yet shared with someone? What a perfect month to express the gratitude you are feeling.

Go beyond wrapping that present of gratitude. Give the present and feel the warmth in your heart. Priceless!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Make it easy to eat healthy foods!

If you can make it easy to have healthy foods on hand, would you be more likely to eat at home?

How often have you made the decision to pick up fast food or go out to eat simply because you don't have foods on hand ready to be prepared?

Part of a Million Dollar Life is nourishing your body so that it can serve you well, both physically and mentally.

Here are some ways I make life easier and my meals healthier and even save some $:

1. Vegetables:

I buy large bags of frozen organic beans and mixed vegetables to have in the freezer ready for times that I am out of fresh veggies.

Check for specials in the grocery ad and choose those vegetables that are featured that week. You'll have variety week to week and generally these are fresher because of the turnover of lots of people buying the specials.

Garlic and onions keep pretty well if they are kept dry. I keep them in an open bowl.

2. Meats:

I buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts when they are featured at a special price and package them in sandwich baggies... one or two to a baggie. Costco actually has their chicken already in individual plastic. These keep well in the freezer. It is a good idea to put the bagged chicken breasts in a second plastsic bag to prevent freezer burn. You should mark with a permanent marker so you use them up in the order you buy them.

Safety tip: Never use a wooden cutting board for cutting raw meats. It is very difficult to get all of the meat out of the wood. There is danger of salmonella or ecoli from raw meat. Using a plastic board that can be washed in the dishwasher or thoroughly in soapy water, you will be avoiding this risk.

When lean ground beef is on sale, I buy it in quantity and make hamburger patties and freeze in sandwich bags. Again, mark with the date and put the small bags into a larger plastic bag.
Sometimes I cook a couple of pounds of lean ground beef with chopped onions and garlic until brown. I package this mixture in plastic containers, ready to thaw and use for tacos, in omelets...anyway you'd like. It's great not to have to make the mess again...quick and easy!

If you like meatloaf, you can use some of the ground beef to make meatloaf. Sometime I'll post a good meatloaf recipe. These can be frozen and are ready to pull out and bake.

Shrimp is reasonably priced in the large bag at Costco. It is easy to take out a few at a time to thaw and use.

Turkey meatballs are also sold in a large bag. I take out a few, cook for a while in a non stick skillet and add some tomato sauce for use with pasta or with some zucchini.

Salmon is sometimes sold as a whole fish. You can buy it this way and cut it into individual portions and freeze them in baggies.

3. Breads

I have discovered wonderful whole wheat kaiser rolls that are perfect for burgers or chicken sandwiches. They have fewer carbs or calories than having a normal bun or two pieces of bread. I cut a center slit before freezing so that they are ready to be pulled out, thawed for a little while and filled with yummy stuff!

Any bread without preservatives needs to be frozen to avoid mold... at least in Phoenix this is true!

These tips are GREAT for cooking for one or two, but are also perfect for having easy family meals ready to go.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mari Smith on Million Dollar Life TeleSummit Nov 20

Who has time for social media?

Is it really worth it?

Learn the inside scoop from Mari Smith when I interview her on
the Million Dollar Life TeleSummit Thursday.

Mari has the knack for connecting with people beautifully via Twitter and Facebook.
She's an expert in the field of relationships.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elizabeth Boyle on the Million Dollar TeleSummit Thursday!





Are these high value items to you?

How high are they on your list of priorities?

What's getting left behind as your life goes whizzing by?

...maybe it's time to rethink how you spend your valuable time.

Join me in welcoming Elizabeth Boyle to the
Million Dollar TeleSummit!

You'll find her inspiring as she shares the little known secrets of how you CAN find time in your life
TODAY for making memories and recording them.

She'll also share new research showing the significant role of creative projects in improving your health.

8 pm ET
Audio replay available if you can't make the live call...
It's f.r.e.e!
Sign up here: http://www.yourmilliondollarlife.com/

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suzanne Falter Barns - Thursday, Oct 30!

You have a business or cause you really care about...

and wonder how you could get that message out to the people who need
to hear it...

how to describe what you offer...

how it will benefit them...

if you're ready to get their attention,

learn the secrets from an expert...

be sure to join Suzanne Falter Barns and me on Thursday

where she'll share her wisdom about getting known.

Get all the call details here:

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I look forward to our time together Thursday.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Living YOUR Million Dollar Life...it's not JUST about the money!

...not JUST about Money, but also Health, Happiness, Connection, Fulfillment, and Leaving a Legacy!

And this great event is FREE!

Get registered and set aside 8 pm Eastern time from now until November 20!

Here is the remarkable lineup of successful...
AND highly respected professionals in a wide spectrum of disciplines…

Nancy Michaels
Ellen Britt
Debbie Allen
Bill Losey
Maria Marsala
Marcia Reynolds
Alexis Martin Neely
Robert Middleton
Alicia Forest
Suzanne Falter-Barns
Elizabeth Boyle
Mari Smith

It isn't just another interview series ...
I'm asking these speakers what they have been doing
over the years that has brought them to their Million Dollar Lives, fully expressed and making a difference in the world...
How they have faced life challenges and gone beyond them to be where they are today.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

YOUR Million Dollar Life ... listen live and in your jammies!

YOUR Million Dollar Life
... it's not JUST about the money!

FR.EE Admission just for you!
Value of this course: $97

In just three powerful teleseminars, you can be well on your way to

Your Million Dollar Life!

3 part teleseminar

60 minutes

~ July 16, 2008 at 8 pm EST

~ July 23, 2008 at 8 pm EST

~ July 30, 2008 at 8 pm EST

It's the perfect tune up for your business and life strategies!

How can I benefit from this?

What will we do in the three sessions?

~ Look at your business and life through a new lens.

~ Get clear about how you envision
YOUR Million Dollar Life.

~ Set short and long term goals to get you there!

Included with this short course to Your Million Dollar Life
will be your own study guide where you can chart the way to your future!
Sign up in the form at the top of the page!

Offered by Suzanne Holman, MAEd

Monday, July 7, 2008

I doubt that my Nana ever heard of Feng Shui ...

Frustrated with something that was said? Impatient for something to happen? Just a little blue? No matter what the concern, Nana always said cleaning a dresser drawer made everything all right again for her!

I doubt that Nana (my mother's mother) ever read books about Feng Shui or organizing, but she certainly understood all the principles! There is something about clearing and straightening to move to a more energized, positive state.

Nana's been gone for 20 years now ... doesn't seem like that long ago. Jessie was active until her dying day. She did finally have to give up her home when she was about 90. But she made a point of getting all around her retirement home.

Something that was really awe inspiring is that my mom received a letter in the mail from Nana a couple of days after Nana died. Nana had an abdominal aneurism and was rushed by helicopter to a hospital but died almost immediately. Even to the end she was doing something interesting... her first helicopter ride.

She's been on my mind so much lately. Every night I sleep under two of her quilts: one on my bed and one hanging over my bed on the wall. So many loving stitches in those quilts!

That was Nana's other key to feeling peaceful, productive, and resourceful, creating something.
Her sewing, knitting, and crocheting are everywhere through the family. She was constantly creating a gift for someone!

She had a garden for years always full of wonderful produce. And there was the grape arbor with those wonderful Concord grapes. I haven't seen those in the stores for a very long time...would taste so good right now!

AND, there was the raspberry patch! I absolutely LOVED picking...and eating raspberries! Fresh raspberries are absolutely my favorite fruit! Not the same in the store after they've been transported.... Here are some photos of raspberry picking in Bellingham WA last summer.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are you carrying around shackles?

Chris Kennedy, one of our ministers at Unity of Phoenix, gave an inspiring talk today on Freedom.
With all our freedoms including our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, we often do not speak our truth.

Seems safer... and easier ... to say what is acceptable and "in the box"... So we carry around shackles of constraints we place on our communication. And even more shackles when we hear all the limitations of those around us! Not YOUR Million Dollar life when you aren't being true to yourself.

Time to let the shackles down and communicate from the heart. You are the only one coming from your viewpoint. Don't keep it from the world!!

You can download Chris Kennedy's talk on the Unity of Phoenix website.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day had a new meaning for me this year!

Probably the true highlight of yesterday was a conversation with my new business assistant!

I've really been working to get more and more of my business delegated so that I am not at all bogged down by tasks that I do not find enjoyable. Funny how the less favored tasks don't seem to get completed nearly as quickly or thoroughly as the ones that are in keeping with my unique brilliance!

I am calling it my Independence from doing tasks I prefer not to do...
Independence from other tolerations in my life...unnecessary paper...forgotten clothes in the closet...a few extra pounds...annoying congestion...too much email...too many magazines... Think you probably get the picture!!

I'll always remember this Independence Day as a significant expression of freedom!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What conversation did you miss today?

I love how unexpected joy and connection pops up on a regular basis as I go through my Million Dollar Life!

A simple trip to Home Depot to return a glass light globe turned into a moment of delight. I was heading home after visiting with my Mom. Check out my previous post about that emotional visit.

I noticed a small sign near the doorway that they would be closing early for the 4th of July. It reminded me that this was a day for celebrations. I have to admit I was not feeling particularly festive as I hadn't made any great plans other than visiting Mom and catching up on work...and some of the world wasn't on holiday. My business, as my name of Suzanne Holman International is worldwide.

The young man at the returns counter was very helpful with the return, asking just the right person for the information needed to complete the transaction. In asking how he was doing, he replied dejectedly, "...have to close...." I started to ask how late he worked and then recalled the little sign on the door... and mentioned it. He was so ecstatic to hear that he would be able to leave at 8 pm instead of 9:30 or 10!

All of his family was getting together for a celebration out at their home in Surprise and they would be able to see the fireworks at a nearby stadium.

It was such a joy for me to see his face light up!
If I had buried myself in my less than joyful mood, I wouldn't have struck up the conversation and would have missed that moment of joy!

What conversation did you miss today that might have been that delightful for you?

I never could have imagined my Mom being at a loss for words...

Mom was always quite the talker...a thousand questions about anything I would bring up with her...

Times have changed...two years ago my siblings and I made the decision along with Mom's physician that she would need to give up her independent living.

Mom is 93 and she is in the Alzheimers section of her life care facility where she and my dad moved into a beautiful garden home in 1990. Dad died of cancer in 1998.

I visited her today and it was one of my most teary eyed times with her. Her words are formed with more and more difficulty.

I tried calling my sister in Ohio so that she and mom could have a little conversation.....didn't happen this time....Mom barely made a tiny sound during the course of the conversation.

She still knows me, thankfully, and most everything else seems to be very foggy for her. She prefers to be lying down most of the time.

My tears dripped down on her as I was looking down on her at close range so she could see my eyes. She has extreme macular degeneration and sees very little now.

Before I left, Mom did give me several I loves you and expression appreciation for my coming to see her.

What I've had to come to terms with in these two years is that life has its seasons and even though it seems very sad for Mom to have Alzheimer's, it means that she was healthy enough to live a long life into her 90's, a decade where Alzheimer's and dementia are way too common.

Mom's life was a full one...I'd have to say she has definitely led a Million Dollar Life! Lots of travel from an early age when travel wasn't nearly as common as it is today, wonderful family, an amazing husband, lots of interests, a love of learning.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogathon: Take 2

For the month of July, a group of my speaker friends from NSA Arizona have decided to have a Blogathon!

What is a Blogathon?

During July, we plan to post at least once a day on our individual blogs. Jackie Dishner spearheaded this project after being part of a Blogathon in May with a group of writer friends from Freeland Success.

Here's a list of my fellow bloggers and a little about what each of them do:

Jackie Dishner has a blog, BIKE WITH JACKIE This blog promotes a spiritual life navigation system she calls "BIKE -- It's mental, not metal!"(TM) It's a metaphor for something uniquely yours that can help you overcome life's obstacles.
And this week she's launched a new travel blog, The Phoenix Traveler.

Susan Ratliff is a trade show expert and a great motivator to others. She's got great ideas for increasing your visibility at Bling My Booth.

Andrea Beaulieu is a highly creative woman who teaches you how to find your authentic voice. She also encourages you to live your life at its best at Conspiracy of Love.

Mimi Meredith inspires you to create better lives, workplaces and communities. The Blooming Blog helps spread her message.

Beth Terry shares her commonsense solutions to everyday work and life issues at Corporate Cowgirl. She's also an inspiration to her fellow friends and colleagues.

Vickie Mullins creates things: your office collateral, your newsletters, and really special books. She talks about it all at her two blogs: Mullins Creative and Vickie Mullins.

Michelle May, a physician and author helps you eat for the right reason--because you're hungry. She talks about diet and food and how consumed we are about all it at her blog in the East Valley Tribune newspaper.

Arlene Rosenberg helps her clients achieve personal and professional rewards. Her blog, Leading Achievers, shares inspirational stories behind her work.

Stanley Bronstein is a motivational speaker who helps businesses perform at their best. Click on his name to check out his words of wisdom.

Visit regularly!
Should be an interesting month with interviews and guest blogs also part of the project.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creating a Joint Venture Giveaway campaign

Creating a Joint Venture Giveaway campaign is a way to get huge visibility.

A great example of this is what Janet Beckers of Wonderful Web Women did recently.

After being invited to participate, I submitted an offer for a three-part teleseminar. Normally I would charge a minimum of $97 for this series, focusing on Your Million Dollar Life ... it's not JUST about the money!

Janet pulled together over 200 giveaways from internet marketers as well as a variety of other business owners.

Even using specific software for the program, it is still a massive project!

Check out her campaign and notice how well it is organized and the high quality of the offers!

With a good offer and an appealing landing page, this is a great way to add new subscribers to your database!

It's a win-win for ALL involved!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calendar for some of that social networking stuff!!

Love this article I received today from Donna!
....simplifying the many tasks including social networking!

Marketing Plan: How to Create an Internet Marketing Action Plan That Gets Results

by Donna Gunter, The Online Biz Resource Queen (TM)

There's no doubt about it -- keeping up with your marketing tasks can be overwhelming, whether you choose to market via networking, print advertising, or through a strategic set of online techniques. As I have a virtual company and can work with clients from around the globe, I don't like to limit my marketing to local efforts. Having a viable presence online is more important to me and seems to work best for my company. Therefore, I primarily concentrate on things I can do to bring visitors to my website and demonstrate my expertise to them while they are on the site.

Recently inspired by a blog post that I had read, I decided to create a regular daily, weekly, month, and quarterly marketing to-do list. First, I brainstormed a list of ideas of marketing tasks that I perform regularly, and others that have remained on my to-do list for awhile, as I've never gotten around to them. Then I categorized them into either a quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily task. On the third examination of these tasks, I went through and culled all but those to which I thought I could realistically commit on a regular basis.

Below are the tasks that comprise my online marketing action plan. Add them to your own online marketing to-do list as appropriate, or substitute other tasks that are a better fit for your business.

Quarterly Tasks

1. Send out post card campaign to targeted national media list promoting myself as an expert. Prior to mailing, have VA call contacts to update list.
2. Request testimonials from new coaching clients, membership site members, product purchasers, and speaking gig hosts and update appropriate pages on my sites.

Monthly Tasks

1. Update my blog with new reading lists, recommended resources, products, etc.
2. Update the media page on my site with links to new press coverage I've received, press releases I've submitted, and story ideas I can offer to the media.
3. Write promotional copy for free list building teleclass and have VA submit teleclass to major event promotion sites
4. Create handout for free teleclass and conduct teleclass.
5. Send out at least three feelers for potential online collaborations/strategic alliances or joint ventures with other sites, speakers, etc.
6. Create one new information product and upload it to my sites for sale.
7. Check click-through and conversions with ezine and banner ads and determine whether to renew for another month.
8. Research and find one new online advertising resource to try.
9. Write a press release based on one of my articles and submit through PRWeb.com.

Weekly Tasks

1. Check on my Google, MSN, and ClickRiver PPC ad campaigns to ensure they are still current and relevant and update any bids for any keywords on my list where I have been outbid.
2. Write an article for my email newsletter.
3. Find a great resource to recommend in my newsletter and write a personal article for email newsletter.
4. Send out the email newsletter to list.
5. Publish the article on my website.
6. Archive the ezine to my site.
7. Have VA publish the ezine content on my business blog and on my social networking blogs at MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Ning.
8. Have VA submit the main newsletter article to articles banks and distribution lists.
9. Create a podcast from my article and distribute to podcast sites.
10. Answer a reader-submitted question and post response in blog.
11. Create one additional blog post on Monday and set it up to publish on Tuesday.
12. Review my Google Alerts and find a new blog with a respectable Google Page Rank and comment on a post.
13. Do a Google search for keywords that best describe my business and see where my site shows up in organic search. As needed, conduct SEO tweaks on my sites for betting rankings

Daily Tasks

1. Read the blogs to which I subscribe and post comments as appropriate.
2. Review the emails from the discussion lists/forums to which I belong and post comments/questions as appropriate.
3. Log into my social networking profiles at Facebook, Linked In, SelfGrowth.com, Twitter, and Ning and approve friend requests.
4. Spend about 15 minutes each at Facebook and SelfGrowth.com making friend requests, commenting on pictures or videos, or responding to emails.
5. Send 1-2 updates to Twitter and Facebook profiles about what I'm doing at the moment.

When you have your Internet marketing action plan outlined with quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks, your prospecting well never runs dry. Many online business owners are so wrapped up in working on their business that they don't make time to work in the business, like performing regular marketing tasks. Consequently, they often experience slow times in their business because they begin to market themselves only when the prospect pool has dried up. If you create and follow an Internet marketing action plan, you'll never be hungry for clients again!

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this blurb with it: Online Business Resource Queen (TM) and Online Business Coach Donna Gunter helps independent service professionals learn how to automate their businesses, leverage their expertise on the Internet, and get more clients online. To claim your FR*EE gift, TurboCharge Your Online Marketing Toolkit, visit her site at OnlineBizU.com. Ask Donna an Internet Marketing question at AskDonnaGunter.com.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Can you live like a millionaire today?

Do you remember the television show from many years ago entitled "The Millionaire"?

Perhaps you're too young to remember! I LOVED that show.

A representative of a millionaire would go to someone's house and give them a million dollars. The story developed as the recipient of the money reacted to this new wealth.

There were some very interesting stories of both positive and negative experiences. I don't think that at that time we had the lotteries that we have today. So the idea of having this wealth (and at that time, a million dollars was a HUGE amount of money) was quite a novel concept for the show. Now we hear many stories about the impact that sudden wealth has on lottery winners.

One of the greatest joys I have is giving to several charities. You may have noticed this as I've shared in the past. I have a vision of being able to give even more abundantly as my wealth increases. And for now, I feel totally abundant.....like a wealthy person.....as I choose where I would like to donate from my income. This mind set is what opens us up to the abundance that is available to us. We can get so used to feeling like we "can't afford" something or "just don't have much financial freedom".

Even consumers who run up huge credit card bills are not feeling abundant. They know they are spending beyond their means and are settling on having "stuff" for their happiness. There's always one more great thing they just have to have to be satisfied and then one more and one more.

The joy of giving is not joy that fizzles away quickly. There's a deep feeling of fulfillment that you are able to support others in this way. And this applies to the gift of our time and talents as well as our financial support.

Let me share an experience that I had today. As part of a series of talks about abundance at our church, each member of the congregation was given a task. Every month our church tithes one-tenth of what they take in. This goes to community causes as well as those on a national and international level. As part of this month's tithe, they decided to have all of us (about 1200 people) take an envelope with a five dollar bill and a card in it. We were to give the money to someone who fed our spirit in some way.

I have to say that my immediate reaction was, "Five dollars. That is such a small amount that I would be embarrassed to give that to someone in this way. It's certainly not a million dollars!"

As I listened on, I started to see that each small impact of the five dollar gift, six thousand dollars total, would have a trickle effect of many people receiving that small token of appreciation. We are to return the cards that we received with the money to share where we gave the money.

I could feel the excitement building in me as I thought about where my five dollar bill would land. In the past, I've done some random acts of kindness. (We'll talk about those on another day.) That always felt so great to be the anonymous giver. This had another dimension of actually handing the bill to the person.

I had a return to make at a nearby store. Those clerks at the return desk have a rather thankless and sometimes unpleasant job. People often try to take advantage of the generous return policies at some stores.

We went through the process of my return and when that was complete, I handed her the five dollars and she first held up her hands saying, "Oh no. I couldn't." I explained further about what our church was doing and it was a joy to see her look of amazement that someone actually just gave her money for no reason at all! This experience is a totally different one from donating to a charity or doing a random act of kindness. And so much fun!

I went about my shopping and when I was ready to go through the check-out line, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had a five dollar bill of my own and I couldn't wait to give it to her. I was holding my credit card and the bill in my hand as she completed ringing up my order. As she completed the process, I handed her the money and explained what was going on. She was totally amazed as well!

I felt like a millionaire, giving just this token amount of money! I have the intention of keeping my wallet full of five dollar bills and giving them out on a regular basis. And I look forward when I will be giving out one hundred dollar bills instead. What fun that will be!

I challenge you to try this exercise. As I gave the money, I encouraged them to buy themselves a coffee. It's the most fun I've ever had with $5.00!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OPRAH's online class starts soon. Join me in a weekly group call!

Join My Global Phone Study Group!

Not only is Oprah launching a new show Sunday, March 2nd, but she is also starting a 10-week worldwide online class with Eckhart Tolle Monday, March 3rd!

When I heard about Oprah's Online Class with Eckhart Tolle on his book,
A New Earth, I knew I wanted to be part of this powerful worldwide study. They will have archives of the webcasts available for those who can not be on the computer live.

On Oprah's site you can sign up to lead or be part of a study group.
I decided to offer a Global Study Group via teleseminar. This is an international study group that will run concurrently with Oprah's online class with Eckhart Tolle, that will be every Monday for 10 weeks starting March 3. The purpose of the teleseminar is to give participants from all over the world the opportunity to share their thoughts with others taking the online class.

Our calls will be Fridays at Noon Eastern Standard Time starting February 29, 2008. It is early enough in the day to accommodate residents of UK and Greece who are interested.

There is no charge for Oprah's class or for the phone study group.
A New Earth is available in book form or an unabridged audiobook read by Eckhart Tolle.

Join the online yahoo group to keep up on details of the calls and to communicate with others in the group.

Call Information

February 29, 2008
12 Noon, Eastern Standard Time
605-990-0700 974762#

I'm looking forward to this amazing experience! Come join us!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

How does it feel to hand money to someone you don't even know for no reason?
Did you decide to have that experience as I described last week? I love it!

After Oprah had a show in December of 2006 giving $1000 to the audience members and having them go out and use that money to create a worthwhile project, she was inspired to take it to another level. She loves the feeling of giving money to people and seeing their reaction and wanted others to experience that as well.

I just heard about the new series she created: "Oprah's Big Give" It premiers in a week, Sunday, March 2nd. In the end, there is only one rule in "Oprah's Big Give": YOU EITHER GIVE BIG OR YOU GO HOME! In every episode, the contestants must each find innovative and ingenious ways to impact the lives of strangers, or they risk elimination at the hands of the judging panel.

The series premiere, "Episode 101," kicks off in Los Angeles, where Oprah hands ten contestants sealed envelopes with only a picture and the name of a complete stranger. Under intense pressure, they must give big to change this person's life in just five days. The contestants must use their creativity and resources to generate the most powerful and sensational ways to make a real difference, and with the clock ticking, the competition, drama and emotion mount and the contestants' stamina, creativity and drive are tested. This first dramatic challenge will send one person packing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Provide Million-Dollar Service to Build Million-Dollar Clientele

In this competitive business world, client retention is extremely vital to building a Million Dollar business. Learn how to make each and every client feel unique and appreciated with personal attention, perks and an inviting environment.

Why is it that people are willing to pay outrageously high bills at restaurants, spas, and luxury hotels and then complain about paying fees for their doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor?

They're paying for the experience, not just for the product or service. When they feel like celebrities, they don't mind the expense. With so many choices of providers, it's the ones who take that extra step to pamper the client that are the preferred choice. This can be true of prospects in all income levels. And we all
know that clients who may not initially be able to invest huge amounts of money may very well continue to increase their portfolio, as they are able to. With their loyalty to you, you are in position for a long-term client who values your services.
What can you do to provide the platinum service that your clients deserve?

Let's look at five ways that you can distinguish yourself from other businesses.

1. Provide an inviting environment in your office.
Can you think of anything you could do to give your clients an energizing, nurturing experience when they visit your office?
Think of various offices that you have visited for any type of appointment. What do your remember about them? Did you notice up to date decorating? Comfortable furniture? Interesting, non-commercial art and no clutter? Really look at your office environment with the point of view of a client and see how it looks. You may need to have a designer come in and give your office a makeover.

2. Having interesting reading material available shows that you care about your clients and value their time. Appealing and healthy refreshments such as protein bars, nuts, and interesting nonalcoholic drinks can make the office visit memorable.
Provide customized service.

3. Really get to know your clients, asking questions that will determine what they're trying to achieve and why. Not just questions on a form, but in-depth life questions. Having an understanding of your clients' priorities and goals for their finances allows you to give them truly customized advice. Give clear explanation of why you are suggesting one approach over another.

4. Some tangible perk such as a CD on a relevant investing topic sent every quarter shows that you are thinking about them and they'll appreciate receiving more than just their monthly statement from you. This mailing is especially important for personal contact if your services are not offered through an office. Birthday acknowledgments are a great personal touch.

5. Keep communication open.
When you sense any uneasiness in communication with a client, acknowledge the tension and find out what the source of the dissatisfaction is. It can very well be that what seemed like a problem in one area may actually be from frustration about a broader issue. When the concern is out in the open, it is much easier to resolve the problem. Actually acknowledging that you notice the concern and exploring it gives the client so much more confidence in your dedication to serving their needs.
What's it worth to you to have Million Dollar clients?

Having clients who value you not only for your expertise, but for your genuine interest in them can position you to make a significant difference in their lives. And the effect of the legacy they leave can make the world a better place for everyone.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy and Elizabeth!

Personal Reflections

Today is the double birthday for my twin daughters!

It was a blustery, snowy day in the middle of February. My doctor's appointment was at 11:00 a.m. After being examined by the doctor, he suggested I go onto the hospital to have my "baby". I was too close to going into full labor to be way out in the country in very snowy weather.

At the hospital, the labor/delivery nurses said they were preparing for twins even though earlier in the pregnancy my questions about the possibility of twins were dismissed by what could be heard by stethoscope. By noon, I was delivering Baby A and just two minutes later, Baby B came along! More surprises in those days before ultrasounds were used routinely!

This photo of me holding the girls is my emaciated picture! After having the babies I was a the lowest weight I'd been in years and was quite the skeleton.

If you are familiar with typical construction phases, you might notice the drywall/plaster streaks on the wall. We moved into a home we designed and were having built by our own company just 6 weeks before the babies were born.

Our son David was not quite three when the girls were born. So, with the birth of Amy and Elizabeth, we were parents of three little ones under three!

There are now four grandsons and one granddaughter, all 5 and under, in our family!

Isn't life incredible?
I feel so blessed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day, here we come!

It's time to acknowledge those in our life whom we love.
~ AND time to acknowledge ourselves by being good to ourselves this week

There can be a lot of expectations not met when there is such hype about the day. There can be so much emphasis on candy, flowers, jewelry, and cards!

Why not do something for yourself just as much as for everyone else. I like to get myself some kind of gift such as a book, a journal, or a massage.

And don't wait for Valentines Day for this expression of love!
Everyday is a day to show our love and appreciation for ourselves and everyone in our life, both at work and at home.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Are Your Strengths Blocking the Path to Your Goals?

Teleseminar Monday, February 18, at 8 pm Eastern Time

To optimize your unique abilities, you first need to be aware of what they are!

We often do not even recognize that what we offer is exceptional. It can take another person or an assessment to let you know this. We are so used to living with our strengths that we may think they are just commonplace.

Why does this matter? How does that make a difference in my life?

When you focus on making the most use of your talents, you can see these results:

1. Skillful delegation of tasks not compatible with your strengths
2. Higher energy level from avoiding the drain of doing dreaded tasks
3. Better production and increased revenues from full engagement
4. Increased implementation of your creative ideas
5. Time for R and R
6. Improved health
7. Improved relationships with less stress and frustration in your life

"So, how can my strengths block the path to my goals?"
We'll discuss this issue and you will do some exercises to identify your strengths and how they are affecting your progress.

You'll leave with an action plan to make 2008 your best year yet!

Dialing into a teleforum is an easy and time-effective way to connect and learn. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop where you will identify your strengths and brainstorm how they are an asset and how they can be a detriment to your success!

Call Details:

Monday, February 18, 2008 at 8 pm Eastern Time.
You will receive the bridgeline number to call in response to your email.
Those present on the call will be entered into a drawing to receive a gift.

Register today by sending an email to suzanne@suzanneholman.com with Strengths Teleseminar in the subject line to let me know you'd like to be part of the teleseminar.

Please include a question that you'd like to be answered on the call so that our time together will be of most value to you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Impressions: 7 Keys To A Million Dollar Image

From the moment you walk in a room, people are immediately forming an impression of the kind of person you are. Those first two seconds can make a difference in whether you will win over an important business prospect.

We'd all like to think that our competence in doing our work is what counts the most. However, you may not have the opportunity even to show the quality of your work due to a poor first impression.
You might say that in today's world there isn't so much emphasis on image. Perhaps clothing is not emphasized quite as much as it once was. But, much of the impression is about our attitude or what it appears that our attitude is. Let's think of some various ways that we present ourselves. I've chosen seven to focus on in this article.
A lot of this is just common sense to most of us. However, we sometimes need a reminder of just how important all of these details are to the success of our business.
As you move into a higher level with your business, you will be dealing with more and more wealthy and savvy individuals who will notice if you are not up to these standards. Some seemingly minor detail could be a real turn off to a potential client and you could lose that account.
1. Handshakes
Handshakes are a traditional greeting in our American business culture. It's important that your handshake is firm and confident. This is an appropriate touch in our business world and it is our only opportunity to have that quality connection. Be sure that you don't have so many things in your hands that you don't have your hand free to be able to extend for a handshake.
2. Body language
Without saying a word, the way we move our bodies speaks paragraphs. How we carry ourselves as we walk says a lot about our confidence and professionalism. And to present yourself as an open and interested person, avoid crossing your arms across your chest. That is a very closed posture, indicating that you want to keep yourself at a distance.
An authentic, warm smile is essential for creating that business relationship.
What we carry with us can give an air of being organized or being very disheveled.
Choose a good-looking portfolio or briefcase that can keep you looking like you have it together!
3. Dress
Your clothing and accessories need to be chosen according to the type of business environment. This can vary according to geographical location, industry, and type of occasion. However, there are certain elements that need to be considered no matter what.
Clothing that fits you well, is in good condition, that is not too revealing, and is clean is always a necessity. Wrinkled shirts give a very poor impression.
Shoes need to be clean and in good repair. That old favorite belt may need replacing if it has started losing its shape and is getting worn.
Jewelry and other accessories should be understated.
4. Grooming
Fresh breath and clean, white teeth are really a welcome part of you!
A clean body without heavy doses of various fragrances is important. Many people have allergies to perfumes and the business environment is really not the place to have you stand out because of your fragrance. Our intention is not to have anything detract from what we are doing.
5. Cell Phones
This deserves a whole category of its own. So many people are talking on their cell phones and text messaging all the time that they sometimes forget that this is not something to do in a business setting. It's time to focus on the people that are there in person and to put your phone on silent and check for messages later. Texting in a meeting is a great way to show how disrespectful you are! And take out that Bluetooth earpiece during business meetings! It looks as though you could be on the phone even if you are not.
6. Punctuality
The ultimate disrespect for others is to have them wait for you when you are late. I know it's difficult to end one task and go on to another meeting and it's tempting to cut time very close. It's such a key piece of your image to be punctual that it is worth it to schedule in a bit more cushion time to avoid the big rush and the negative reception when you show up late.
7. Manners
Standing up when you are meeting someone is critical. This not only shows respect for that person, but it also puts you at their level so that they are not in a power position standing over you.
Table manners may not seem important in our much more casual culture today. However, you never know who is sensitive to excellent table manners and who could be getting a really low opinion of you as an uncultured person. Catch up on the etiquette of table manners so that you can feel confident that you are making a good impression on any of your dining partners.
In Summary:
It's all about presenting yourself as professional as possible, not drawing attention to something other than the business project at hand, and being respectful of others.
These all contribute to how magnetic you will be in attracting new and higher wealth clients. You've put in countless hours improving your business skills. Take a little time to fine tune your own personal package of how you are presenting yourself. It's definitely worth the effort to present that Million Dollar Image!

If you’d like to identify your strengths and learn what kind of impression you are making on those in your work and personal life, you might find the Platinum Rule 360 Assessment helpful. Working with Executive Coach Suzanne Holman, MAEd, you’ll be able to interpret the results and strategize your strengths for Million Dollar Productivity. Receive an Audio Seminar gift and learn more about the assessment at http://www.milliondollarproductivity.com.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Leverage Your Strengths for Million Dollar Productivity

Do you know what your strengths and challenges are? Better utilizing your talents and surrounding yourself with complimentary behavioral styles will help put you on the path to a million dollar business.

"My strengths?
Hmmmm. Let me think for a minute."
If you hesitate when asked what your strengths are, you are not alone. What happens for us is that we are so used to being with ourselves that we don't even notice an outstanding trait we have. It takes someone else observing us and actually telling us for us to realize our gifts.

Take a little time to give others feedback as to what strengths you see in them. What can be difficult is listening carefully and really accepting the positives you hear from others. It's all too easy to just say and feel that it's nothing. Receive the gift of acknowledgment you are being given.

Another hazard to appreciating our strengths is that we judge ourselves harshly if we don't have the strengths that someone else has. We are all very different.
Assessments that measure our behavioral styles show that over and over again.

There are many highly regarded tools available including those that have others answer questions about you that will give you another perspective other than just your own. Platinum Rule Assessment is one of these "360 assessments". This term, "360", is used to describe that you are receiving input from the full circle of your business and personal associates.

Recently my older sister and I took an informal assessment measuring our behavioral styles. We found out that we were exact opposites. We each acknowledged that we would like to have characteristics of the other. From sharing that experience of looking at our strengths, we walked away with a greater appreciation for each other and for ourselves.

For years I've been critical of myself for not being more "left-brained" like the rest of my family. These characteristics are also the ones applauded most in school where we are expected to "stay inside the lines" and be very neat and organized.
It's not that I'm terribly disorganized, but I have the judgment that I should do things one certain way. My creativity has me doing things in very different ways from how others might do them.

This can work the opposite way for someone who has trouble being creative. It could be very simple for that person to take care of details effortlessly. Everything is under control and routine is followed flawlessly. But coming up with innovative ideas can be a real challenge.

Some people have the strength of leadership and find it enjoyable to forge the path for others to follow. For these people, following someone else's plan is extremely difficult and confining. Others find being in charge a very uncomfortable place to be. Their forte is implementing what the leader has started.

We need all behavioral styles in our businesses in order to be successful. All of our strengths work together for a stronger whole than we can have when working alone. If you work by yourself in your business, you may need to hire a part-time assistant to perform tasks that are not your unique strength. You can even do this with a virtual assistant who can work for the number of hours you need from his/her own office. Your success will be greater and your satisfaction sweeter when you focus on your best skills.

Take time to reflect on what your greatest strengths are. Take time to recognize them and be grateful. Be aware of any judgment you may be having against yourself for not being good at something. Appreciate your strengths.

If there is an activity that is not your strength, it definitely needs to be delegated to someone else so you can concentrate on maximizing your strengths.

When you focus your efforts on those areas of your business where your strengths are, you’ll find your energy staying much better and your productivity moving you to a million dollar business!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun notes and photos!

I wanted to share just one of the many notes and photos I received from the
DonorsChoose.Org program. A few months ago I supported a classroom teacher in putting together a classroom library system so that her students would be able to make good use of donated books and also be able to buy more books. They sent me a manila envelope with all the students' thank you notes and some photos of their classroom and their new class library.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Have you emptied your pockets yet?

What are you still carrying in your pockets from 2007 that you could do without in this New Year?

I loved the story our minister told New Year's Eve at the Burning Bowl Ceremony at our church. He shared his experience with having a suit tailored. The tailor was very passionate about his work and told Richard that the suit was a living thing that needed care for it to thrive. He stressed the need for emptying the pockets of the suit before hanging it up at night. Weight in the pockets caused unnecessary strain on the suit, weakening the fabric and seams. Over time the suit would be out of shape and falling apart.

What a great metaphor for the long-held negative emotions that we carry from year to year to year!

This strain of the negative emotions weighs us down, keeping us from thriving and moving forward with what we'd really like to be doing in our lives.

In the Burning Bowl Ceremony we had the opportunity to write all that we'd like to release on a small piece of "flash" paper. Mine was pretty full! I categorized these items under emotional categories. I was surprised that some items were still showing up for me that I felt I had handled long ago. Apparently the residue of these was still hanging around.

What an incredible feeling it was to see the "flash" paper go poof! as it hit the flame in the receptacle!

After going back into the church, we took time to write out what we envisioned for 2008. What an energy-filled experience this was for me! Without the weight of those old negatives, I felt light and energized! We folded these and put them in a self-addressed envelope to be mailed to us in June of 2008.

I invite you to do a similar exercise to free you up for a rich and joyful year. What would you like to leave behind? Things that you do that rob your time? Negative emotions left over from bad experiences?

Why ruin your "suit" by carrying around all that stuff?!?

Aren't you ready to let it go?