Friday, July 4, 2008

What conversation did you miss today?

I love how unexpected joy and connection pops up on a regular basis as I go through my Million Dollar Life!

A simple trip to Home Depot to return a glass light globe turned into a moment of delight. I was heading home after visiting with my Mom. Check out my previous post about that emotional visit.

I noticed a small sign near the doorway that they would be closing early for the 4th of July. It reminded me that this was a day for celebrations. I have to admit I was not feeling particularly festive as I hadn't made any great plans other than visiting Mom and catching up on work...and some of the world wasn't on holiday. My business, as my name of Suzanne Holman International is worldwide.

The young man at the returns counter was very helpful with the return, asking just the right person for the information needed to complete the transaction. In asking how he was doing, he replied dejectedly, "...have to close...." I started to ask how late he worked and then recalled the little sign on the door... and mentioned it. He was so ecstatic to hear that he would be able to leave at 8 pm instead of 9:30 or 10!

All of his family was getting together for a celebration out at their home in Surprise and they would be able to see the fireworks at a nearby stadium.

It was such a joy for me to see his face light up!
If I had buried myself in my less than joyful mood, I wouldn't have struck up the conversation and would have missed that moment of joy!

What conversation did you miss today that might have been that delightful for you?


Beth Terry said...

Suzanne - this is a great reminder. We do need to look up once in awhile and see the other person there. What a great story!

I had it happen in reverse. I was the one who was dejected, having just gone through a heartwrenching meeting. I walked into the Home Depot in Hawaii to pick up a few things. As I wrote the check, the young woman behind the counter said, "Aunty, I need you to write your phone number here." Aunty. That's all she said. In Hawaii that is a term of endearment and respect when you don't know the woman's name.

I got tears in my eyes, and felt lifted up at the same time. Aunty. I belonged somewhere after all. I'll never forget that young woman and the gift she gave me without knowing. And it's been almost 10 years.

Since then, I make an effort to say a kind word to strangers, especially those who seem to be having a rough day.


Suzanne Holman said...

Beth, I love that you have a Home Depot story also!
Amazing how long lasting those little encounters can be.