Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are you carrying around shackles?

Chris Kennedy, one of our ministers at Unity of Phoenix, gave an inspiring talk today on Freedom.
With all our freedoms including our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, we often do not speak our truth.

Seems safer... and easier ... to say what is acceptable and "in the box"... So we carry around shackles of constraints we place on our communication. And even more shackles when we hear all the limitations of those around us! Not YOUR Million Dollar life when you aren't being true to yourself.

Time to let the shackles down and communicate from the heart. You are the only one coming from your viewpoint. Don't keep it from the world!!

You can download Chris Kennedy's talk on the Unity of Phoenix website.


Stanley said...

You raise an excellent point Suzanne.

Many of us do carry around shackles or our own making.

We have to first see them and realize they are there and then, we have to open them up and release them.

Stanley Bronstein

Bad Apple Polisher said...

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Releasing the shackles applies to most people, but perhaps especially resonates with professional speakers.