Monday, July 14, 2008

YOUR Million Dollar Life ... listen live and in your jammies!

YOUR Million Dollar Life
... it's not JUST about the money!

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Included with this short course to Your Million Dollar Life
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Offered by Suzanne Holman, MAEd

Monday, July 7, 2008

I doubt that my Nana ever heard of Feng Shui ...

Frustrated with something that was said? Impatient for something to happen? Just a little blue? No matter what the concern, Nana always said cleaning a dresser drawer made everything all right again for her!

I doubt that Nana (my mother's mother) ever read books about Feng Shui or organizing, but she certainly understood all the principles! There is something about clearing and straightening to move to a more energized, positive state.

Nana's been gone for 20 years now ... doesn't seem like that long ago. Jessie was active until her dying day. She did finally have to give up her home when she was about 90. But she made a point of getting all around her retirement home.

Something that was really awe inspiring is that my mom received a letter in the mail from Nana a couple of days after Nana died. Nana had an abdominal aneurism and was rushed by helicopter to a hospital but died almost immediately. Even to the end she was doing something interesting... her first helicopter ride.

She's been on my mind so much lately. Every night I sleep under two of her quilts: one on my bed and one hanging over my bed on the wall. So many loving stitches in those quilts!

That was Nana's other key to feeling peaceful, productive, and resourceful, creating something.
Her sewing, knitting, and crocheting are everywhere through the family. She was constantly creating a gift for someone!

She had a garden for years always full of wonderful produce. And there was the grape arbor with those wonderful Concord grapes. I haven't seen those in the stores for a very long time...would taste so good right now!

AND, there was the raspberry patch! I absolutely LOVED picking...and eating raspberries! Fresh raspberries are absolutely my favorite fruit! Not the same in the store after they've been transported.... Here are some photos of raspberry picking in Bellingham WA last summer.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are you carrying around shackles?

Chris Kennedy, one of our ministers at Unity of Phoenix, gave an inspiring talk today on Freedom.
With all our freedoms including our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, we often do not speak our truth.

Seems safer... and easier ... to say what is acceptable and "in the box"... So we carry around shackles of constraints we place on our communication. And even more shackles when we hear all the limitations of those around us! Not YOUR Million Dollar life when you aren't being true to yourself.

Time to let the shackles down and communicate from the heart. You are the only one coming from your viewpoint. Don't keep it from the world!!

You can download Chris Kennedy's talk on the Unity of Phoenix website.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day had a new meaning for me this year!

Probably the true highlight of yesterday was a conversation with my new business assistant!

I've really been working to get more and more of my business delegated so that I am not at all bogged down by tasks that I do not find enjoyable. Funny how the less favored tasks don't seem to get completed nearly as quickly or thoroughly as the ones that are in keeping with my unique brilliance!

I am calling it my Independence from doing tasks I prefer not to do...
Independence from other tolerations in my life...unnecessary paper...forgotten clothes in the closet...a few extra pounds...annoying congestion...too much email...too many magazines... Think you probably get the picture!!

I'll always remember this Independence Day as a significant expression of freedom!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What conversation did you miss today?

I love how unexpected joy and connection pops up on a regular basis as I go through my Million Dollar Life!

A simple trip to Home Depot to return a glass light globe turned into a moment of delight. I was heading home after visiting with my Mom. Check out my previous post about that emotional visit.

I noticed a small sign near the doorway that they would be closing early for the 4th of July. It reminded me that this was a day for celebrations. I have to admit I was not feeling particularly festive as I hadn't made any great plans other than visiting Mom and catching up on work...and some of the world wasn't on holiday. My business, as my name of Suzanne Holman International is worldwide.

The young man at the returns counter was very helpful with the return, asking just the right person for the information needed to complete the transaction. In asking how he was doing, he replied dejectedly, "...have to close...." I started to ask how late he worked and then recalled the little sign on the door... and mentioned it. He was so ecstatic to hear that he would be able to leave at 8 pm instead of 9:30 or 10!

All of his family was getting together for a celebration out at their home in Surprise and they would be able to see the fireworks at a nearby stadium.

It was such a joy for me to see his face light up!
If I had buried myself in my less than joyful mood, I wouldn't have struck up the conversation and would have missed that moment of joy!

What conversation did you miss today that might have been that delightful for you?

I never could have imagined my Mom being at a loss for words...

Mom was always quite the talker...a thousand questions about anything I would bring up with her...

Times have changed...two years ago my siblings and I made the decision along with Mom's physician that she would need to give up her independent living.

Mom is 93 and she is in the Alzheimers section of her life care facility where she and my dad moved into a beautiful garden home in 1990. Dad died of cancer in 1998.

I visited her today and it was one of my most teary eyed times with her. Her words are formed with more and more difficulty.

I tried calling my sister in Ohio so that she and mom could have a little conversation.....didn't happen this time....Mom barely made a tiny sound during the course of the conversation.

She still knows me, thankfully, and most everything else seems to be very foggy for her. She prefers to be lying down most of the time.

My tears dripped down on her as I was looking down on her at close range so she could see my eyes. She has extreme macular degeneration and sees very little now.

Before I left, Mom did give me several I loves you and expression appreciation for my coming to see her.

What I've had to come to terms with in these two years is that life has its seasons and even though it seems very sad for Mom to have Alzheimer's, it means that she was healthy enough to live a long life into her 90's, a decade where Alzheimer's and dementia are way too common.

Mom's life was a full one...I'd have to say she has definitely led a Million Dollar Life! Lots of travel from an early age when travel wasn't nearly as common as it is today, wonderful family, an amazing husband, lots of interests, a love of learning.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogathon: Take 2

For the month of July, a group of my speaker friends from NSA Arizona have decided to have a Blogathon!

What is a Blogathon?

During July, we plan to post at least once a day on our individual blogs. Jackie Dishner spearheaded this project after being part of a Blogathon in May with a group of writer friends from Freeland Success.

Here's a list of my fellow bloggers and a little about what each of them do:

Jackie Dishner has a blog, BIKE WITH JACKIE This blog promotes a spiritual life navigation system she calls "BIKE -- It's mental, not metal!"(TM) It's a metaphor for something uniquely yours that can help you overcome life's obstacles.
And this week she's launched a new travel blog, The Phoenix Traveler.

Susan Ratliff is a trade show expert and a great motivator to others. She's got great ideas for increasing your visibility at Bling My Booth.

Andrea Beaulieu is a highly creative woman who teaches you how to find your authentic voice. She also encourages you to live your life at its best at Conspiracy of Love.

Mimi Meredith inspires you to create better lives, workplaces and communities. The Blooming Blog helps spread her message.

Beth Terry shares her commonsense solutions to everyday work and life issues at Corporate Cowgirl. She's also an inspiration to her fellow friends and colleagues.

Vickie Mullins creates things: your office collateral, your newsletters, and really special books. She talks about it all at her two blogs: Mullins Creative and Vickie Mullins.

Michelle May, a physician and author helps you eat for the right reason--because you're hungry. She talks about diet and food and how consumed we are about all it at her blog in the East Valley Tribune newspaper.

Arlene Rosenberg helps her clients achieve personal and professional rewards. Her blog, Leading Achievers, shares inspirational stories behind her work.

Stanley Bronstein is a motivational speaker who helps businesses perform at their best. Click on his name to check out his words of wisdom.

Visit regularly!
Should be an interesting month with interviews and guest blogs also part of the project.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creating a Joint Venture Giveaway campaign

Creating a Joint Venture Giveaway campaign is a way to get huge visibility.

A great example of this is what Janet Beckers of Wonderful Web Women did recently.

After being invited to participate, I submitted an offer for a three-part teleseminar. Normally I would charge a minimum of $97 for this series, focusing on Your Million Dollar Life ... it's not JUST about the money!

Janet pulled together over 200 giveaways from internet marketers as well as a variety of other business owners.

Even using specific software for the program, it is still a massive project!

Check out her campaign and notice how well it is organized and the high quality of the offers!

With a good offer and an appealing landing page, this is a great way to add new subscribers to your database!

It's a win-win for ALL involved!