Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suzanne Falter Barns - Thursday, Oct 30!

You have a business or cause you really care about...

and wonder how you could get that message out to the people who need
to hear it...

how to describe what you offer...

how it will benefit them...

if you're ready to get their attention,

learn the secrets from an expert...

be sure to join Suzanne Falter Barns and me on Thursday

where she'll share her wisdom about getting known.

Get all the call details here:


I look forward to our time together Thursday.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Living YOUR Million Dollar's not JUST about the money!

...not JUST about Money, but also Health, Happiness, Connection, Fulfillment, and Leaving a Legacy!

And this great event is FREE!

Get registered and set aside 8 pm Eastern time from now until November 20!

Here is the remarkable lineup of successful...
AND highly respected professionals in a wide spectrum of disciplines…

Nancy Michaels
Ellen Britt
Debbie Allen
Bill Losey
Maria Marsala
Marcia Reynolds
Alexis Martin Neely
Robert Middleton
Alicia Forest
Suzanne Falter-Barns
Elizabeth Boyle
Mari Smith

It isn't just another interview series ...
I'm asking these speakers what they have been doing
over the years that has brought them to their Million Dollar Lives, fully expressed and making a difference in the world...
How they have faced life challenges and gone beyond them to be where they are today.

Don't wait..
Register now to reserve your complimentary seat for the entire 12-week series!