Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

How does it feel to hand money to someone you don't even know for no reason?
Did you decide to have that experience as I described last week? I love it!

After Oprah had a show in December of 2006 giving $1000 to the audience members and having them go out and use that money to create a worthwhile project, she was inspired to take it to another level. She loves the feeling of giving money to people and seeing their reaction and wanted others to experience that as well.

I just heard about the new series she created: "Oprah's Big Give" It premiers in a week, Sunday, March 2nd. In the end, there is only one rule in "Oprah's Big Give": YOU EITHER GIVE BIG OR YOU GO HOME! In every episode, the contestants must each find innovative and ingenious ways to impact the lives of strangers, or they risk elimination at the hands of the judging panel.

The series premiere, "Episode 101," kicks off in Los Angeles, where Oprah hands ten contestants sealed envelopes with only a picture and the name of a complete stranger. Under intense pressure, they must give big to change this person's life in just five days. The contestants must use their creativity and resources to generate the most powerful and sensational ways to make a real difference, and with the clock ticking, the competition, drama and emotion mount and the contestants' stamina, creativity and drive are tested. This first dramatic challenge will send one person packing.

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