Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy and Elizabeth!

Personal Reflections

Today is the double birthday for my twin daughters!

It was a blustery, snowy day in the middle of February. My doctor's appointment was at 11:00 a.m. After being examined by the doctor, he suggested I go onto the hospital to have my "baby". I was too close to going into full labor to be way out in the country in very snowy weather.

At the hospital, the labor/delivery nurses said they were preparing for twins even though earlier in the pregnancy my questions about the possibility of twins were dismissed by what could be heard by stethoscope. By noon, I was delivering Baby A and just two minutes later, Baby B came along! More surprises in those days before ultrasounds were used routinely!

This photo of me holding the girls is my emaciated picture! After having the babies I was a the lowest weight I'd been in years and was quite the skeleton.

If you are familiar with typical construction phases, you might notice the drywall/plaster streaks on the wall. We moved into a home we designed and were having built by our own company just 6 weeks before the babies were born.

Our son David was not quite three when the girls were born. So, with the birth of Amy and Elizabeth, we were parents of three little ones under three!

There are now four grandsons and one granddaughter, all 5 and under, in our family!

Isn't life incredible?
I feel so blessed.

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