Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mini Y2K? Early Time Change Wreaks Havoc!

"Mini Y2K" is what they're calling it here in the United States! Changing to daylight savings time two weeks early is wreaking havoc with software set for the previous change date. Somehow we'll all get through it and make the adjustment.

With my international business, this time change gets particularly challenging.
New Zealand, which is already a day ahead of the U.S., makes changes in their time on a different date from the United States.

In Arizona we don't change at all so that means that instead of being on Mountain Time Zone as we are in the winter, we go on Pacific Time for the summer! We am now three hours behind Eastern instead of two during the winter and on the same time as Pacific which is usually an hour behind us.

Try scheduling appointments with people all over the world making changes at various times. CONFUSING!

Enough about time change challenges...

We always are trying to "find" more hours in our day. What was that commercial that promised to give you more time in your day? Someone write to me and remind me...

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