Monday, October 8, 2007

My Blog In The News Again! - Updated GTD/Productivity Links List

I was totally blown away when I saw my blog listed so close to David Allen, the guru of all productivity!!

Here's the post:

04th Oct 2007

Organize IT

Advice On Organized and Productive Living Through Lifehacks and GTD

It’s been a while since I updated my list of GTD & productivity sites/blogs so today I will add some new sites for you to check out, update old URLs and move inactive sites so the list is up to date (this update brings the list to over 100 links). If you feel you have a site that primarily focuses on GTD and/or personal productivity and I haven’t included it on the list then please leave a comment and I will check it out.

Seeing as Priscilla Palmer’s personal development list was so popular and really boosted the community (especially for the smaller, less well known sites), if any of you want to post my GTD/productivity list on your sites that would be a good boost for our little productivity cult

The following are new sites and blogs on the list:

· 7P Productions
· Aim For Awesome
· David Allen @ Huffington Post
· Dumb Little Man

· Exuberant Productivity

· Goals Success
· Hack the Day
· Hacking Life
· John Place Online
· Life Coaches Blog
· Life Learning Today
· Life Reboot
· Monk At Work
· Open Loops
· Personal Development Blog
· Practical Personal Development
· Self Pursuit
· Shouting Match
· Simple Productivity Blog
· Productivity Zen
· The Executive Assistant’s Toolbox
· Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week Blog
· Web Worker Daily
· Wise Bread

Updated GTD/Productivity Links List

Earlier I posted about being in's Personal Productivity Required Reading List: 100 Kick-butt Lifehacking Blogs

Lifehacking is all about finding ways to streamline and improve your life. These bloggers can help you do just that, offering clever tricks and tips for making your everyday life more effective. Here is some of the best ingenuity the Internet has to offer.

Check out my description, #84

Suzanne Holman writes about getting quality time, minimizing stress and avoiding perfectionism in order to achieve productivity.

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