Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's Make a Date ToTalk this Week!

Tonight I decided I'd finally make a video with the webcam I purchased months ago.
You can check it out here.

Quite a learning curve for me to do this! Lot of funny false starts! And I've got to figure out why the quality isn't crisper. It's a high quality Logitech recorder and should have higher resolution.

I'm so excited to share with you the program I am developing! I support business women in staying sane, healthy, and professional when they have a parent with Alzheimer's disease.
I'm making it a priority right now to connect with many women who have been or are now faced with this challenge in their lives.

If that's you, I would love to talk. I'm setting up 30 minute appointments so that we have time to share wisdom we've acquired through experience. Hopefully our time together will be a support to you as well as a wonderful resource for me.

Just click on this link to take you to the contact page. I'll email you so we can set up an appointment to meet either by phone or in person. I live in Phoenix, Arizona.

I look forward to hearing about what you have experienced in having a parent with Alzheimer's or what you've learned from others who have Alzheimer's in the family.

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